Life Partners Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPHI) is a financial services company and the parent company of Life Partners, Inc. (“LPI”), one of the oldest and most active companies in the United States engaged in the secondary market for life insurance known generally as “life settlements.”

These financial transactions involve the purchase of life insurance policies at a discount to their face value for investment purposes.

LPI was incorporated in 1991 and has conducted business under the registered service mark “Life Partners” since 1992. LPHI became a publicly traded company in 2000.

LPHI derives its revenues principally from its operating subsidiary LPI, which receives fees for facilitating life settlement transactions.

LPI originates, analyzes, and facilitates the purchase of life settlement transactions on behalf of its worldwide network of clients. By selling a life insurance policy, the policyholder receives an immediate cash payment to use as he or she wishes while the purchaser takes an ownership interest in the policy at a discount to its face value and receives the death benefit under the policy when the insured dies.

Life Partners was instrumental in the formation of this industry and asset class. Since its incorporation, it has facilitated over 155,000 transactions associated with the purchase of more than 6,500 policies totaling over $3.2 Billion in face value.

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